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You can Make Your Home a Smart Home, Safer and
More Valuable ...

  ... using only your Existing Skills!

Prepare your Home in less than a week to bring years of comfort, pleasure, and real security to your family.  You'll be the envy of your neighbors with this Easy Method of sophisticated
Do-it-Yourself Home Automation ...

 ... all while Saving $40,000 or more

What would make you feel safer at night? If you've ever heard something go "bump" at 3 a.m., you know that the uncertainty can be unsettling, to say the least. But if, on the other hand, you have a home that's perpetually alert, you can sleep right through the "bumps." After all, you can rest assured that your family is secure.
How about a Home Theater that's easy to use? Easy as in ONE remote - or even ONE BUTTON! (yes, it is possible).
Or maybe you'd like to know when you have visitors - BEFORE you have visitors - and SEE WHO THEY ARE!

If you have ever wished that you could have the security and convenience of a smart home, I'm here to tell you from experience that you can.

. . . and you don't have to spend a lot of money if you don't want to.

I've been doing
Home Automation for about twelve years. During that time I learned easier ways to do things. Basically that means I had to dive right in and figure things out as I was presented with each new challenge. And not always without making mistakes.... For instance, I once installed an extensive lighting control system for one of my customers. But not being an electrician, I made a simple calculation error that overloaded most of the switches and burnt them out!

I then had to replace them with more
expensive switches that could handle the load - from my own pocket!

Well, I surely did learn something ... as I said - the hard way.
And you know - to tell you the truth, that's an effective way to learn.
But it isn't necessarily the fastest or the least expensive. Nor is it the most desirable way to learn.

In other situations I experienced a lot of trial and error, bought hardware that didn't live up to its expectations, and spent a
lot of time researching
how best to accomplish my goals.

But there's no reason for you to suffer the same pain.

Let me repeat what I've said elsewhere:

You Already have the Skills to Automate your own home! 

It's True! Can you pull cable out of a box? Can you turn a screw driver? Can you follow simple directions & maybe exercise your creativity? If so, then you DO have what it takes. If you're willing to challenge yourself just a little, your lifestyle can improve dramatically. It really doesn't matter whether you're already familiar with home automation.

You can Learn by Jumping In!
You can learn how you can make your home a safer, easier place to live. It doesn't matter whether you're experienced in this sort of thing, because you can learn in less time than you think.

You can know the status of your home whether your kids are there without you - or if you're on vacation 1,000 miles away. Your home can carry on the appearance of normal daily activity when you aren't there, and can notify you if something (almost anything) out of the ordinary occurs.

Did you know
that it's not unusual for upscale homeowners to pay $30,000 to $50,000 for high end home automation?

I can show you how to do it for one-tenth of that.
In fact, you don't even have to spend that much. If you just want to get your feet wet and spend twenty to thirty dollars on your house, you can do so and still accomplish some cool things. If by chance you find that the bug has "bitten", you can later build upon what you've done BECAUSE. . .
I'll show you the RIGHT WAY to approach home automation, and links to lots of useful products.
Using a "modular" approach, it becomes easy to achieve your goals. Once you learn the basics of security systems, X10, infrared, and a few other relatively simple things, you'll be amazed at how easy they are to integrate under a single smart home controller.
Here's what I mean:


Let your security system do for you what it excels at doing ... 
                        ... provide your SECURITY.


You don't need to waste money on an expensive security system that has home automation capabilities. The security industry has done a lot to make their systems more "intelligent" (controlling lights, etc.), but that's not what they're really good at.

Don't buy automation features from someone who doesn't specialize in automation. A simple system that detects open and closed loops is all you need for a security panel, and virtually anybody can be taught how to install this.

Here you'll find pointers for running all kinds of low-voltage wiring so that you can do this yourself - even in existing construction.

 LIGHTING:   It's totally unnecessary to spend a lot on a complex system when you can achieve all the elegance you need for far less.

X10 is a common protocol which has been around for years, and despite what some claim, there are tricks to make it work well.
Even so, the newer UPB protocol is now almost as affordable, and there's enough variety for you to decide whether you want high-class or just plain functional.

And beyond that there are other low-cost lighting solutions that range from hard-wired to RF - the field has grown!  

 HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING:   Think of the energy savings you could enjoy if you could heat or cool just the bedroom at night. Then, say about an hour before you get up, the whole house could begin automatically adjusting to a comfortable daytime temperature.

It's easily accomplished with the appropriate thermostats, and with low voltage dampers installed in the heating ducts. All you need is an intelligent way of controlling them.

 DISTRIBUTED AUDIO/VIDEO:   This is one place where the convenience of home automation really shines. 

Once again,the high-end A/V industry makes all kinds of costly electronic gadgets (I should know - I used to sell and install them), but if you're discriminating in what you use, you can do this yourself without breaking the bank . . .

. . . and
imagine being able to go to sleep to your favorite soothing music - the volume slowly decreasing until. . . you're asleep! Then, the stereo turns itself off.

Or, maybe you just want good quality sound throughout the house and the ability to control it all remotely (without having to carry around the remote).

No problem! I'll guide you on such things as speaker placement (I know from experience that a lot of people make uninformed choices about this), cabling techniques, wireless and hard-wired IR systems, and refer you to some of the best products for your money.

 HOME THEATER:   DEFINITELY much more enjoyable when you don't have to grope a multitude of remotes in the dark.

Picture this: With the touch of a button, the screen drops, lights slowly fade, projector comes on and DVD player starts playing. Oh, and the stereo fires up, tunes to the correct surround mode and proper volume.

So what if the telephone rings? You'll be able to hear it, because the VCR/DVD player will pause and lights will go up
- or whatever you want to happen!

Or if the doorbell rings - again, the movie pauses, and your screen switches to the front door camera.
. . . This is something you can do!

Don't be concerned if it all seems beyond your ability.

I can tell you that it's not. Most professionals learn by doing, and so can you!

Even if some of it seems a little daunting, remember. . .

... You can keep it simple with the right approach: Modular!

You don't have to know about everything concerning home automation at once. You just pick an area that you want to focus on (for instance, Lighting Control), and develop that. If you do it in the way I advise, it will be easy to come back and interface with other things that you do later.

There's an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and SIMPLE reason why you should be directly involved in this yourself:

Putting it plainly: the point of having an automated smart home is to complement YOUR lifestyle.

And who knows your lifestyle better than you? As your schedule and interests change, it makes complete sense to be the master of your home automation.

From experience I can tell you that when you can "tweak" your home's activities yourself, life becomes a lot more fun!

Of course, there are numerous resources available on Home Automation Technologies. However, most of the ones that I have seen seem to leave you short on "real" system integration. Usually, they seem to focus exhaustively on X10. They may contain good info, but a lot of it you would begin to figure out for yourself after a little experience . . .

. . . That's why I assembled a complete how-to book based on my years of investigating products and my own professional hands-on experience. Originally compiled as two separate ebooks (which you can DOWNLOAD NOW! ), they're also available now as a single Softcover edition.

Part One
provides you with all the necessary knowledge for each of the major subsystems in your home, and how to make them work for you. The title reflects the philosophy that you shouldn't just seek to integrate "systems." Rather, as the homeowner you should seek to integrate your home into your lifestyle.

Here's what's covered in Part One:
  • Why you should use a Modular approach to Home Automation.
  • How NOT to Waste a lot of money.
  • Terminology so you'll understand your hardware requirements.
  • The Different Protocols you SHOULD use - and the ones you
  • Characteristics of the Major Home Systems & how they can be
  • Introduction to JDS Stargate and its programming logic.
  • Programming exercises, sample scripts, & references to a
    software demo you can download!
  • Links to online product sales sites - generally with some of the
    best prices I've found on the web!
  • (Click here to order and download now!)

See a Real Hands-On Installation in Part Two
where the various topics discussed in the first half of the book are applied - in my own house - from construction to finish. I discuss each of the modular subsystems one at a time showing wiring diagrams and plenty of pictures to make things as plain as possible. In this book I cover the installation of:

  • Wiring
  • The Equipment Room
  • Telephone Hookup (66-blocks, etc.)
  • Data Networking (pinouts, termination, more)
  • Breaker Panel
  • X10
  • Lighting Control
  • IR System
  • House Audio
  • Security
  • Cameras & Webcams
  • HVAC
  • LCD Keypads
  • Miscellaneous other applications....
(screenshot of "Integrating the Smart Home and its Owner", electronic version)

This is not some big wordy document, but it does represent a
practical paradigm of home automation with detailed instructions on how to do exactly what's necessary in a sample installation. You can take this and easily modify it to your own desires.

Using JDS Stargate (my favorite smart home automation controller) I take you step by step through automating and integrating your
lighting, HVAC, audio & video, and security.

I'll take you through the planning and purchase stages of what I know from experience are some of the best values in product lines, and then I'll show you how to install and integrate them!

Though I cover enough general information to make sure you're educated, you'll learn by doing!

In addition, you'll learn how to write your own scripts for the Stargate controller using simple if/ then and if/ then/ else logic. I include sample scripts that I've done for myself and others to get you up and running quickly.

It's simpler than you think!
I'm so sure that you'll find Integrating the Smart Home and its Owner to be just what you need to get started that I'm willing to offer a full
One Year No-Questions-Asked
Money Back Guarantee!

I realize that there will be a few who will take advantage of me for this full year refund policy, but most people are honest - and I really don't think you'll be disappointed.

That way you can have plenty of time to apply what you'll learn. If for any reason at all you're dissatisfied, a complete refund is yours just for the asking. 

For a limited time: order the softcover version, and receive the Ebook version FREE! While it's nice to have a book you can actually carry around, the ebooks have loads of links to help you plan your own Home Project more efficiently!

In addition, you can get both electronic books for FREE when you order the Softcover now!


Plus I'll personally sign your book, dedicated to the person of your choice....

Home Technologies, Parts 1 and 2 Free electronic version
with Book purchase

So, for $34.00 you get:

  • Integrating the Smart Home & its Owner
    (Electronic Version Parts 1 and 2)

But for $39.00 you can have:

  • Integrating the Smart Home & its Owner (Softcover)
  • Integrating the Smart Home & its Owner
    (Electronic Version Parts 1 and 2)
  • A Value of $73.00!

Jeff Stein of JDS Technologies (owner of Stargate Home Automation) said that Integrating the Smart Home and its Owner does a "great job explaining many of the technical issues without overwhelming the reader..." and that it's "... a good step-by-step approach so it's easy to follow along."


Order now, download now, and be on your way to planning your
own home automation project within minutes!
Click below to order now!

Remember, you have nothing to lose with a full one-year
no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You'll have plenty of
time to develop your skills as you apply what you'll learn!

Within minutes you should receive an email with detailed
instructions for downloading your new Ebook(s)! Or, opt for
shipment of the new Softcover edition AND Download both
Ebooks today!

Order now and I'll personally sign your book dedicated to
whomever you specify...


Three ways to order:

1. The fastest way is by using Google Checkout . . .

It's absolutely secure so you don't need to worry, but 
if that's a concern, you can also...

2. Send an email with your telephone number, and I'll be happy to call you (U.S. /Canada only) to place your order (I DO NOT keep records of customers' credit card numbers!).

3. Call (513) 625-1368 (if no answer please leave a number
where I can return your call).

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